Bookish for life

Anthropology graduate, anglophile, social justice activist, chocoholic, traveler and book lover from the German-speaking part of Switzerland, currently working in the renewable energy sector. Books have been my passion since before I could read.


Considering using this as a replacement for my Goodreads account, where I've been keeping track of what I read (audiobooks included). You can find a record of the dead-tree books I own on LibraryThing. As of now I haven't imported those yet.

Mount TBR challenge 2019

For the new year I've decided that it's time to try and work on the stack of unread books in my living room. As always, I think signing up for a challenge might give me an incentive, so I've joined the Mount TBR reading challenge 2019.


I've set Mt. Blanc as my first goal - 24 seems achievable if I stick to dead-tree books. (More is probably unrealistic, since I read almost exclusively ebooks when not at home.) If I decide to also count other formats (ebooks and audiobooks) I'll aim higher. :)