Bookish for life

Anthropology graduate, anglophile, social justice activist, chocoholic, traveler and book lover from the German-speaking part of Switzerland, currently working in the renewable energy sector. Books have been my passion since before I could read.


Considering using this as a replacement for my Goodreads account, where I've been keeping track of what I read (audiobooks included). You can find a record of the dead-tree books I own on LibraryThing. As of now I haven't imported those yet.

Clouds of Witness (A Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery)

Clouds of Witness (A Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery) - Dorothy L. Sayers,  Narrated by Ian Carmichael I somehow couldn't get into it. Partly it might have been the reader, who made it difficult at times to figure out who's speaking, but the mystery just seemed kind of needlessly convoluted and missing a lot of the usual charm. There were a couple of lovely scenes with Bunter, though.