Bookish for life

Anthropology graduate, anglophile, social justice activist, chocoholic, traveler and book lover from the German-speaking part of Switzerland, currently working in the renewable energy sector. Books have been my passion since before I could read.


Considering using this as a replacement for my Goodreads account, where I've been keeping track of what I read (audiobooks included). You can find a record of the dead-tree books I own on LibraryThing. As of now I haven't imported those yet.

To Marry an English Lord

To Marry an English Lord -  Carol McD. Wallace, Gail MacColl Very amusingly written look at the wave of American heiresses marrying into the English aristocracy in the 19th century. A few too many details for my taste, especially about fashions, but interesting to read about how times changed high society on both sides of the Atlantic.