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Anthropology graduate, anglophile, social justice activist, chocoholic, traveler and book lover from the German-speaking part of Switzerland, currently working in the renewable energy sector. Books have been my passion since before I could read.


Considering using this as a replacement for my Goodreads account, where I've been keeping track of what I read (audiobooks included). You can find a record of the dead-tree books I own on LibraryThing. As of now I haven't imported those yet.

The Chaperone

The Chaperone - Laura Moriarty I seriously loved this book - the story of a regular 1920s Kansas housewife who chaperones a teenaged Louise Brooks to New York, but for reasons of her own. Cora felt like a real woman and I always wanted to know more of her life and of how her experiences change her as the world around her changes, too.

The only slightly negative thing is that the "epilogue" is several chapters long - but I think Cora deserves the happiness she experiences in it, so I didn't mind too much.